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Handbell and Handchime Websites
Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to find out anything and everything related to handbells and chimes. These are the sites I know about; if I'm missing yours, please send me your link.


The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers is a great way to keep up-to-date on what's happening with bells in the U.S. and around the world.

The Handbell Ringers of Great Britain presents to its members a wide range of activities and music.

The Handbell Guilds of Canada is an umbrella organization of the provincial handbell guilds across Canada, including:
The Alberta Guild
The British Columbia Guild
The Manitoba Guild
The Ontario Guild and
The Saskatchewan Guild

The Handbell Society of Australasia encourages the art of handbell ringing in Australia, New Zealand and neighboring regions.

The Handbell Ringers of Japan believe that handbells are the instrument of peace that link people and connect countries throughout the world.

Korean Handbell Association

The Hong Kong Handbell Academy is established with the mission to promote the art of handbell ringing in Hong Kong.

Greater Dallas Handbell Association
Serving the handbell ringing community in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area

Choirs & Ensembles

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Raleigh Ringers
Raleigh, NC

San Francisco Bay Area

West Hollywood, CA

Oakland, CA

Bells In Motion
Springfield, IL

Gateway Ringers
St. Louis, MO

Ring Out Loud
Ring Out Loud on Facebook
Custer Road UMC's
Handbell Ministry
Plano, TX

Austin Handbell Ensemble
Austin, TX

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

The Handbell Ringers of Great Britain

The Handbell Guilds of Canada

The Handbell Society of Australasia

The Handbell Ringers of Japan

The Korean Handbell Association

The Hong Kong Handbell Academy

Ring Out Loud Handbell Ministry

Embellish Handbell Ensemble
The Raleigh Ringers

Sonos Handbell Ensemble
Campanile Musical Percussion Theatre

Velocity Handbell Ensemble

Bells In Motion Handbell Ensemble
Gateway Ringers
Ring Out Loud Handbell Ministry
Austin Handbell Ensemble


Makers of handbells and Choirchimes in Plumsteadville, PA.

Makers of handbells, Melodychimes and carillons in Sellersville, PA.

Makers of handbells, and the famous Liberty Bell and Big Ben. In London, UK.

Makers of handbells and tower bells, this foundry is in Loughborough, UK.

Petit & Fritsen
Royal bellfounders and onetime makers of handbells in The Netherlands.

Makers of Tonechimes and Chimettes.

An inexpensive alternative to bells, Belleplates have a unique and beautiful tone.

Supplies & Gifts

Jeffers Handbell Supply
Everything you need to ring, from bells to music to gloves & a fun assortment of gifts, too.

Handbell Services, Inc.
Bells, music, supplies, and lots of handbell and chime jewelry and other unique gifts.

B and Y Music
Bells, music, gloves, mallets, posters, and other supplies, plus personal service.

Their lifestyle and wedding gifts can be engraved for a personal touch.

Info, Articles & FAQs

Paul Kingsbury
One of the first and still one of the best online resources with articles ranging from beginners' advice to the physics of bells.

Handbells and Handchimes FAQ
A wealth of information on many topics, plus an index of Overtones articles.
Starting a bell choir or thinking about it? Get lots of helpful info here!

You should join the Handbell-L mailing list if you want more information about handbells.

The Handbell Podcast
News, interviews, music reviews, and all things Handbells.

Free English Handbell Sheet Music
Forum and repository for authors, arrangers and transcribers of music for English handbells.

Malmark Bellcraftsmen, Inc.

Schulmerich Carillons, Inc.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Ltd.
John Taylor Bell Founders
Royal Bellfounders Petit & Fritsen b.v. The Netherlands
Suzuki Tonechimes


Handbell Services, Inc.

B and Y Music Co., Inc.

Lorabell Collections

Paul Kingsbury's Handbell Resources

Handbells and Handchimes FAQ

The Handbell-L Mailing List

The Handbell Podcast

free English Handbell Sheet Music Arrangements

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